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Ardfinnan National School, Commons, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary

Science Week in 6th class!!

14th Nov 2020

We carried out three experiments this week. One of our favourites was 'Balloon Boarding', we did not predict the results!! We learned that when a person stands on a balloon all the pressure from that person is concentrated on one area and so, the balloon bursts. However, when a person's weight is spread over several balloons, they do not burst as the pressure is spread over a larger area. We started with one person on the table and got the whole way to 7 before we heard a pop!! 

We also made cool lava lamps and went outside for the explosion in a bag experiment, (sorry if some of us smelled like vinegar after school!!) 

Lastly, we cant wait to hear everyone present their group projects on their chosen famous scientist :)