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Ardfinnan National School, Commons, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary

Ardfinnan N.S. Longest Picture Project.

20th Feb 2022

What a unique and wonderful project! What a team effort from all the pupils of Ardfinnan N.S.! 'Think big'  we tell our pupils. They did. 'Do big'. They sure did! 

For many years Munster Paper Sacks had their factory across the bridge from the school. They kindly supplied the school with the ends of the paper rolls. The paper was ideal for artwork, displays,etc. The years went by. M.P.S. sadly closed down. The remaining paper lasted a while and was missed when it was gone. roll about 40cm high hid behind a door for many years, waiting for it's moment to shine.

It was decided that as as school, at this wonderful, kinda scary time when everything is starting to change quickly, as Covid restrictions happily drift towards ending, we would place the theme of 'The things we love' at the centre of all the drawings and written word content that we would encourage the 232 pupils in our school to produce. They did exactly that. It was Valentine's ideal time to think about all the people we love, to remember those gone from us also. The 'Loved' list was long....including favourite places, foods, bands, soccer teams, animals and plants, T.V. programs and films....and much much more. The experience was very enjoyable and it was a joy to see all the fun and focus as each class went to the Community Hall to work on the longest picture. The roll sections were laid out on 8 trestle tables ,the length of the Hall. As each group switched the 'worked-on paper' was rolled up and fresh paper unrolled at the other end! Lots of rolling and unrolling was done for this project! Thanks to Kitty and the other workers for their patience and kindnesses. Each class returned a few days later to again work on their sections. It was very obvious that their enthusiasm had grown even further and the completed pictures and the written accompaniments are hugely impressive.  

The picture series measures nearly 100m. It's production will live long in the children's memories I'm sure. We will find a storage container worthy of it and in years to come it will serve as a 'snapshot' of the past, of our present ...and the things we love.

Liam O'Sullivan